Ballistix and Fnatic unite

Ballistix and Fnatic are stoked to announce we’re teaming up!

We’re proud to equip Fnatic with Ballistix® gaming memory and help their world-class eSports teams reach new heights. Fnatic teams
contend for championships in League of Legends®, Overwatch™, Dota 2™, Counter-Strike®: Global Offensive, and Heroes of the Storm™. 

​We're excited to have Ballistix joining among our expanding group of Tier-1 sponsors. Today, professional esports games require a lot from pro-gamers and gaming hardware. Ballistix is undoubtedly the gaming memory of choice for Fnatic's pro-gamers and so we're very pleased Ballistix has chosen the Fnatic team to power up. We're looking forward to continue to build on Fnatic's impressive performance with the support of Ballistix!​

- Wouter Sleijffers—Fnatic Chief Executive Officer


“We’re thrilled to sponsor a team like Fnatic. When you look at our motto, ‘Built to Win,’ it’s easy to see why Fnatic is a great fit to work with Ballistix as a leading global eSports team. Ballistix is proud to help Fnatic optimize their game play with our high-performance memory, so they can continue their eSports legacy of being a team everyone looks up to and wants to emulate.”

- Patrick “ESVDiamond” Soulliere II—Ballistix Global Gaming/eSports Marketing Manager